Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sidney Gray On Gangs - Police Surveillance Cameras

I have been asked about what I would do to fight and defeat gangs in our city...

Among other things, I support the placement of cameras with volunteers who are pre-approved by the police department in homes or locations in order to video only gang activity. The cameras should remain as long as the community wants the cameras and innocent lives are being saved. As we have accepted in our airports in a post 9/11 world, I am glad to temporarily alter my privacy rights for my "right to live".


Billy Jones said...

You left the following comment on my blog: "1. The community must be involved in the fight against gangs.The community must notify and be a partner with the police department
2. I suggest using surveillance camers in volunteer homes that have been pre approved with the police. This will help in court as well as letting the gangs know that they are being watched."

Sounds like a great idea, why don't you come to my neighborhood and help us organize such an effort?

Sidney C. Gray said...

I would be glad to offer the following suggestions to Mr. Billy Jones.
1. If you have a community neighborhood watch program, this is the vehicle for speaking with the police department. If you do not have this program then get one started and this can be done by speaking with any of the many other established programs.
2. Your community has to decide that violent crimes and gangs will not be tolerated.
3. Surveillance cameras are a suggestion that must be discussed with the police department.

Billy Jones said...

Therein lies the problem: Everybody has suggestions as to what to do but no one wants to help. Typical politician, all talk.

Here's the deal as you obviously don't have a clue: In the block in which I live there are a total of 9 houses. In 5 of those 9 the gang members live and sell drugs there are two others I really can't be sure about. To go door to door talking to neighbors would be suicide.

So what does that leave? Me and a 90 year old deaf widow to fight off what is sometimes 200 or more people.

Get a grip and realize the ONLY solution to gangs is MORE police officers on the street.

Billy Jones said...

In all fairness, I've been a little hard on Mister Gray. Mister Gray is running for office and is not part of Greensboro's current city leadership and should not be associated with the cowards who currently fail to run our city.

Those who know me understand I fly-off the handle from time to time and probably dismiss my comments here to the stress I've been living under as my home is surrounded by gang members.

Sidney and I talked briefly last night and will talk again. I believe Sidney to be honest and willing to make Greensboro a better place to live. My apologies to Mister Gray and everyone who read my previous comments here and at my own blog. -Billy

Sidney C. Gray said...

I enjoyed meeting and talking with you briefly last night. I am a part of the revilitazation and "clean-up" of Old Greensborough. I see the wonderful transformation going on in Ole Asheboro and other communities by organizing and demanding that the residents be able to live in a safe and clean environment. Lets talk next week. Thank you for your clarification and kind comments. Sidney